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                    How We Make It Work For You                     

At Points West Technologies we only represent and supply products that are made by trusted global partners, some of whom we’ve worked with for decades. We ensure these factories maintain the highest quality certifications and we serve as our customers’ single point of contact. We also take responsibility for every product. If our customers ever have an issue or need, they make one call — to us — and we take it from there, responding with the speed and authority needed to get things done.

From standard products, to custom tailored products. From large volumes, to small volumes and everything in between.
 Points West Technologies has the experience and ability to deliver high value with very low stress.

Processes & Capabilities

We pride ourselves on being flexible and understanding to each of our customers' specific needs. We will always do our level best to accomodate your individual needs and truly work to be your most trusted and valued business partner.
Our dedicated and experienced team have the capability to take any component/project from concept design through to production and distribution. We work closely with the customers through regulary interaction to get their feedback and ideas in order to  us to work on continuous improvement to ensure our services meet or exceed their expectations as well as working on overall continous improvement.

Global Sourcing

Raw materials are becoming a global commodity with nearly universal price worldwide. That makes labor costs and production efficiencies an increasingly important factor. With current technologies and logistics capabilities this has made global sourcing an increasingly attractive option for more and more manufacturers. PWT thinks globally when it comes to connecting customers with the right manufacturing capabilities. We have partnered with factories located in Canada, China, Germany, India, Turkey, UK, USA, Italy, Spain and Taiwan tp provide our customers the most cost effective solutions. In each location we ensure that products are made to customers’ exacting standards with consistant quality.

Value Added Services

We offer many in-house "value added" services such as: product assembly, kitting, labelling and packaging to name a few.  Please do not hesitate to ask for a specific value added service and we will do our best to accomodate it!

Warehousing, Distribution & Delivery

Through close communication, careful management and integration into our customers’ sales forecasting processes, Points West Technologies can anticipate demand and keep our warehouse stocked adequately to provide Just In Time (JIT) supply to our customers. We operate our warehouses on First In First Out (FIFO) principles and can also deliver goods in any fashion our customers require. We use all major carriers and can handle everything from delivering a single package to large skids — and anything in between. Beyond that, we routinely deliver product in the quantities and types of packaging specified by each customer based on their needs.